"La Llorona": A Mexican legend told by Hollywood movies

The legend of La Llorona that has been told generation after generation comes incorporated a modern story full of terror and chills.
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"The Curse of the Llorona" is a new adaptation of this Mexican legend to the cinema, where a social worker and single mother is involved in the curse of La Llorona when she wants to take her children , following the legend that she in a The outburst of jealousy killed his own and then he repented, weeping and harassing the children of other women to replace his own.

The movie is the typical horror story with its due clichés and jump scares that make you, worth the redundancy, jump from your seat on more than one occasion and keep you attentive to music and image to try to predict the next scare , that although it is very obvious, always surprises and leaves you with nerves knotted.

It does not have an excellent script or a plot that is fresh and innovative, but respects quite well, to be a Hollywood tape, the legend of La Llorona , and implements it in a good way in this modern story .

Those who are adepts of this film genre will certainly enjoy it and will be captivated by the seat at certain times, although it is not a completely terrifying movie , the music and sudden frights are what make you jump and put a bit of flavor and tension to the whole plot, something that the spectators usually look for when they go to see this kind of movies .

This film is something like part of the cinematographic universe of "El Conjuro" , however, you can see it independently of the rest of the movies and enjoy it equally, although you will have that feeling of the atmosphere of "El Conjuro" and the rest of the franchise, with very familiar touches.

You will be hooked by the way in which the story is told and you will worry about the protagonist family that suffers the whole curse of La Llorona from the beginning. As a horror movie it is not so good but it is not terrible either, but good enough to enjoy it without putting a damper on it.

"The Curse of La Llorona" is available on the billboard from April 18 .

Title: The Curse of La Llorona
Year: 2019
Director: Michael Chaves
Cast: Marisol Ramírez, Linda Cardellini, Patricia Velásquez, Raymond Cruz, Sierra Heuermann
Genre: terror, suspenso
3.0 Calificación
1.7 Calificación de Usuarios

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