"Green Book": A friendship without borders nominated to the Oscar

A friendship without borders where two completely different people and seen in the same way by society, manage to create a strong bond.
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"Green Book: A Friendship without Borders" is a story based on real events that tells the story of Tony Vallelonga , an Italian-American who runs into a very peculiar job; to be the driver of an African-American pianist, Don Shirley , during the decade of the 60's, in a United States where racism was latent.

The story is not completely dramatic, like many other movies that deal with racism during that time in the United States , and while "Green Book" touches the issue, it does not do so crudely and faithfully as others have done. films, however, is good in its combination of drama and comedy , and take us between those two genres throughout the film to laugh with the friendship that Don and Tony develop, but also to be moved and to know, slightly, what was the Impact of a cultured and refined African American man making friends with a tough white man , who was also his driver.

The journey in which both characters undertake is very pleasant, entertaining and in the necessary points, touching, although it does not show so faithfully and cruelly the situation of racism that there was in reality at that time, it is understood how complicated it was for Don Shirley to be a successful musician who was not exactly well received everywhere.

Although it is a theme that we have seen a million times in the cinema, and especially in nominated to the Oscar , it is a film that has a bit of everything and that delights with the peculiarity of the characters and the chemistry that is on screen between both actors , Viggo Mortensen (Tony) and Mahershala Ali (Don) , as both actors make an exceptional , emotional and funny performance throughout the entire film.

It is a friendship type " Untouchables ", that French film that gained great popularity in its launch, because two completely opposite people come to complement each other and learn from each other, because while Don teaches him to write a letter to his wife Tony, Tony teaches Don to eat fried chicken.

It is a moving and funny film that will definitely take some medal in the next Oscar awards and that you can not miss on the big screen. "Green Book: A Friendship Without Borders" premieres in all theaters starting on February 8 .

Title: Green Book
Year: 2019
Director: Peter Farrelly
Cast: Viggo Mortensen, Linda Cardellini, Mahershala Ali, Don Stark, Dimiter D. Marinov
Genre: Comedia, drama
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