"Frozen 2": The frozen adventure is back 6 years later

In "Frozen 2" we will know the origin of Elsa and her powers, as well as the relationship that will continue with Anna, Kristoff and her faithful friends Olaf and Sven.
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"Frozen 2" is the sequel to the frozen adventure that took the world as a snow storm 6 years ago, in 2014 , when "Frozen" ended up becoming a Disney classic praised by critics and with a colossal success around the world. Surely you remember seeing and hearing "Let It Go" more times than you can count.

Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olag and Sven return with a new adventure in this second part of "Frozen . " In spite of being a sequel , the critic has considered it as a necessary continuation that moves away much of the curse of "the second parts that are never good", because it comes to give answers to something that perhaps many wondered from the First movie "Why was Elsa born with those powers?"

While Elsa ventures into a journey of self - discovery , we are also able to highlight other subplots that make this film something relevant in terms of current issues in the world; we see how Kristoff's whole plot is focused on his feelings and the love he professes Anna , something rare in movies of this type, where the prince is usually the hero, and who is noted for his strength and abilities instead of your feelings Again we see how "Frozen" distinguishes and gives strength to female power , taking it into a story full of courage, values, love and friendship.

As for more technical details, the animation of this second film is simply beautiful , because in a gap of 6 years, it is possible to notice some positive changes in the colors, the characteristics of the characters and how essential attention has been paid even in the smallest detail to give a beautiful result that captivates the smallest and also the greatest.

"Frozen 2" has the magic necessary to entertain the little ones, a message with a moral that is clear enough for the young public and the odd detail that only adults will understand, but without damaging the public-friendly plot of all ages

Although some say that "it lacks the magic of the first film", it has enough charm to become one of the most successful sequels of Disney in recent years, and also to give way to iconic scenes and songs that we will not forget, just as it happened with "Let It Go" and the adorable Olaf .

"Frozen 2" is in all movie theaters as of November 22.

Title: Frozen 2
Year: 2019
Director: Jennifer Lee
Cast: Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell
Genre: Fantasía, animación
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