“Do you know Tomás?”: A Mexican comedy with a moving story

"Do you know Tomás?" It is a new Mexican film that addresses the issue of autism with a moving, funny and sensitive story.
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"Do you know Tomás?" It is a story that focuses on Tomás , a young man with autism who is in charge of his sister Fernanda when he is not in an institution where he is given specialized attention. However, on a day of walking with her sister and her boyfriend, Leonardo , she must leave them to attend a very important surgery, so Leonardo takes care of Tomás the rest of the day; long enough to live an experience of knowledge, learning, fun and awareness about his life and how it is that Tom looks at it from his perspective.

This is one of the few Mexican films that touch on different mental abilities , in this case autism , but it does so masterfully, which results in a film that gives you a new perspective on life and the people who suffer from it. condition, something closer to reality and outside the stereotypes that are usually reflected in television programs and movies.

The director, María Torres , debuts in the cinema with this film inspired by a person close to her who has autism , so the film has that enough reality that is needed to get fond of the characters , learn, understand and enjoy the Story from beginning to end.

The film is a comedy with its dramatic points , those necessary to give meaning and meaning to the story without falling into stereotypes or clichés about this condition, in addition to getting hooked with a couple of unconventional protagonists that build a very strong and valuable bond to throughout the movie

It is refreshing to see a film so different on the Mexican billboard , and that addresses topics of interest in addition to the already used romantic comedies that flood the new Mexican cinema. A funny, endearing story, that has the respect of reflecting autism in a serious and direct way , but that also has its hints of comedy and light moments to make it a movie that has everything and that will even cause you a few tears .

"Do you know Tomás?" It is found on all billboards in the country as of August 1.

Title: ¿Conoces a Tomás?
Year: 2019
Director: María Torres
Cast: Alan Estrada, Marcela Guirado, Hoze Meléndez, Juan Pablo Medina, Leonardo Ortizgris
Genre: drama, Comedia
4.0 Calificación
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