"Chief By Accident": What happens when you lie on your résumé

Jennifer Lopez returns to the big screen with a character that looks like many others she has done on previous occasions.
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"Chief By Accident" is the new comedy starring Jennifer Lopez , where her character Maya, happens to be an employee of a supermarket, an executive of a large company in New York, and all due to some small lies that a friend of his helped him put on his resume and social networks to get a better job, however, everything is complicated, because his new job involves much more than just accommodate merchandise or collect items in a box.

It's a new comedy, however, has many clichés of other comedies that we've seen, including Jennifer Lopez herself, but despite everything that is no longer new in American comedies, JLo knows how to captivate the audience and hook him to see her again in a role as many have done before.

The premise of the film is fun and yes, it works, despite not having a peculiar narrative or remarkable performances , it's those American comedies like there are a million but they sell, and even more so because they have the face of a recognized actress and singer as is Jennifer Lopez . The one that stands out from the rest of the cast is Leah Remini , because it has an extra grace that gives that unique charisma to the typical character of the best friend of the protagonist.

Although it could have been much more for its plot, with smarter jokes or closer to reality, it is a Hollywood formula that works, entertains , entertains and sells despite repeating what many other comedy films have done before.

What we should note is that although JLo continues to look spectacular , it is time to look for roles more in keeping with his age, as he remains stuck in the youthful roles that very soon no one will believe, however, still wearing Fabulous despite starring in a bad movie .

"Chief By Accident" is available on all billboards as of January 11 .

Title: Second Act
Year: 2019
Director: Peter Seagal
Cast: Jennifer López, Vanessa Hudgens, Leah Remini, Treat Williams, Milo Ventimiglia
Genre: Comedia
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