"Cats": A doubtful adaptation of the successful Broadway musical

"Cats" has been crowned as one of the most successful musicals of all time, but also, as one of the most terrible films of the decade.
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"Cats" is a famous Broadway musical, created by Andrew Lloyd Webber from a compendium of poems by TS Elliot , and throughout all the years he has been on stage, and in his multiple versions of the musical around the world, He has always had great success. Because of this, it could not be expected other than triumph when it was announced that the musical would be taken to the big screen for the first time, because musicals are always a great bet for the cinema, since they usually have good reviews and monopolize the taste from the public, something that did not happen for " Cats ", directed by Tom Hooper.

Despite having an excellent cast that brings together stars from the Hollywoodense cinema and the music scene in the world, the film has been completely shattered by critics and the public, who more than delighted to see the Broadway musical in a film adaptation , have been disturbed .

Since the launch of his first trailer, " Cats " already gave indications that it would be a resounding failure, and that is that the CGI used to give the actors a catlike appearance, seemed more a joke than a great musical work adapted to the cinema, for what Tom Hooper excused himself by saying that post-production work was still lacking in terms of the special effects of the characters and that once released, the film would look different.

The final result of the film was equally disturbing and ridiculous : humans 'disguised' as cats with creepy looks, without clothes and with a very questionable image that makes it seem more like a horror movie and not a musical that would have fun and even move you

We could s tack the talent of each of the actors, but in reality you can not stop thinking about how terrible the actors are and focus on something other than that or trying to get them out of your mind and not have nightmares then.

It was a good idea to adapt it to the big screen but the execution of the project has been a resounding failure that will be the worst stumbling block in the career of Tom Hooper , a multi-award-winning director and Oscar winner who was ridiculous with this terrible production.

Despite this, if you want to have fun with the very bad CGI for a while, " Cats " opens in all cinemas starting on December 25.

Title: Cats
Year: 2019
Director: Tom Hooper
Cast: Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Judi Dench, James Corden, Idris Elba, Jason Derulo, Ian McKellen
Genre: Musical
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