"An Abominable Friend": A tender and great adventure on the fearsome yeti

"An Abominable Friend", from the same studies of "How to Train Your Dragon" and with the voices in Spanish of Karen Polynesia and Memo Aponte.
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"An Abominable Friend" is a new American-Chinese animated film, produced by DreamWorks , which tells us the story of Yi , a young woman who after losing her father, moves away from her family and works all day to save money and to be able to make the trip that his father loved so much. However, Yi runs into an incredible creature, a yeti, who longs to return home in the Himalayas , on the Everest mountain. Yi and his friends embark on an adventure from Shanghai to the snowy landscapes of the Himalayas to be able to take this abominable creature back to their home, while on the road they encounter some obstacles.

This movie comes from the same studio that brought us "How to Train Your Dragon" , so it is a guarantee that it is a fun and moving story. First of all, it is good to see that the plot is set in China , a variation that is appreciated when the majority are always located somewhere in the United States ; so we can also learn a little about Chinese culture and some of its most representative traditional places along the way .

The story is very tender , mainly the connection that Yi , the main character, has with Everest , a yeti puppy that is more than the abominable snowman that tells the myths and legends, because besides being huge, it also has some magical powers that will surprise throughout the film and the journey that all the characters make.

Although it is a children's film , for the elderly it is also easy to get hooked and enjoy the plot, because it has unexpected twists that keep you entertained, excited and totally captivated. So it is easily a tape that can be seen as a family without the risk that the biggest ones get bored.

In the Spanish dubbing there are two main internet stars, Karen Polynesia and Memo Aponte , who give voice to Yi and Jin , respectively, are a hook for the young public who is aware of social networks, so that It is a recommended movie for teenagers who want to see something light and fun .

In general the film is recommended , and although it is not one of those unforgettable, without a doubt while you are watching the tape, it is quite pleasant , emotional , fun and exciting ; animation, history, special effects, have a good formula that works to enjoy with family or friends.

"A friend Abominable" is in theaters all cinemas from 25 September.

Title: Everest
Year: 2019
Director: Jill Culton
Cast: karen polinesia, memo aponte
Genre: animación, infantil
3.0 Calificación
4.5 Calificación de Usuarios

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