'All freckles in the world': The tape that takes us back to the 90's

"All freckles in the world" brings back Loreto Peralta, who triumphed at the hands of Eugenio Derbez in the movie "No Returns Accepted".
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"All freckles in the world" is a new Mexican youth comedy that focuses on the 1990s, specifically in Mexico City during 1994 , where José Miguel , a 13-year-old boy, joins Narciso Mendoza High School , where he meets Cristina Palazuelos , an older girl who he is completely in love with, and for which he does everything impossible for her to accept to be his girlfriend; put together a soccer team with the worst players, fight with Cristina's boyfriend and reject her best friend .

The first point of the film to attract the public is the participation of Loreto Peralta (Cristina) and Luis de la Rosa (Kenji), who are known for their participation in the film "No Returns Accepted" and "Luis Miguel: The Series " , respectively; a hook that for the target of the movie, is infallible. It is a youth comedy, so the theme is quite light, and although it is set in the 90's , it is very digestible for today's teenagers, because the plot focuses on a love triangle between José Miguel , Cristina and Kenji , which later Take an interesting turn.

We are not talking about the best youth film of the year, but it has a do not know what hooks you and makes you enjoy the movie, especially if you grew up in the 90's during the same time the plot is located, because you will recognize some very touch specials and references to movies, songs, fashions and other details of the decade.

The plot is quite simple , and although it seems that everything starts very quickly , in the middle it takes a good rhythm and gets fun, giving certain interesting twists that subtract many clichés from the story and be grateful, because it can boast of not Go the same way as many other films of the genre .

There are many new faces, young actors that we will surely see in more Mexican productions , and also faces that we had already seen and that seem to be on the rise , such as Luis de la Rosa , who will also soon release "A Pirate Dad" and "The House of Flowers 2 " ; for what it is worth seeing in a paper somewhat removed from the Luis My teenager.

In short, it is a fun , palomera movie , with a bit of nostalgia and some emotion that if you are born in the 90's , you will enjoy just remembering, and if you have no idea of the 90's, you will Entertain with the plot .

"All freckles in the world" premieres in all Mexican cinemas as of September 27.

Title: Todas las pecas del mundo
Year: 2019
Director: Yibrán Asud
Cast: Loreto Peralta, Luis de la Rosa, andrea sutton
Genre: Comedia
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