This is what we know about the second season of "The House of Flowers"

The first season of "The House of Flowers" was a success, to such a degree that it was renovated for a second and third season.
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"The House of Flowers" arrives through Netflix and although many catalog it as a soap opera, it is a series of 1 season with 13 episodes of little more than 30 minutes each; which tells the story of the De La Mora family and all their misfortunes after the mistress of the father decides to commit suicide in the family florist.

The series was a great success in Mexico, a test is the "Paulina de la Mora Challenge" that flooded social networks, as the character of Cecilia Suarez has been one of the most liked of the series.

Just when this project was launched, it was expected to announce a second season, so shortly after, its creator and director Manolo Caro, announced that "The House of Flowers" would have a second season in 2019 and a third in 2020.

More recently the director and creator of the series has released more data and new actors who will join this project that may be released later this year, and so far, this is all we know about what will be the second season of "The House of Flowers" .

1. Paulina in Madrid.

Paulina in Madrid.
This second season was started by Manolo Caro with Cecilia Suárez filming in Madrid, with her character Paulina de la Mora walking along the Gran Vía.

2. Recordings in CDMX.

Recordings in CDMX.

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More recently Manolo Caro began recording with the rest of the cast in Mexico City.

3. Mariana in The House of Flowers.

Mariana in The House of Flowers.

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On the other hand, Manolo Caro announced that Mariana Treviño will join the cast. The actress has participated in the series, also of Netflix, "Club de Cuervos" and has collaborated in several film projects with Caro previously.

4. Welcome to the cast.

Welcome to the cast.
To announce that Mariana would join the cast, Manolo Caro published: "Returning to film The house of flowers in Mexico fills me with emotion, we face a more hilarious and daring season. To have Mariana Treviño in the cast is for me the perfect analogy, the return home, to work with my professional family. "