The most impressive thing happened in the penultimate episode of "Game of Thrones"


"Game of Thrones" has not stopped surprising us in this last season, because from the first episodes and has us with the creeps with the battle against white walkers and now with his war for Daenerys "recover" the throne of iron , this in a very intense fight against Cersei Lannister , who does not seem to measure the consequences of his decisions.

Last week we were left with the soul in a thread to see how Cersei beheaded Missandei because Daenerys did not give in to surrender to her, so this episode starts from that moment where it seems that anger and resentment have completely taken over Daenerys and There will not be anything else in his head than to exact revenge, even if it means that he becomes the crazy queen who burns all of King's Landing , just like his father.

And although this last chapter has generated many opinions found to be considered by some as the best of the series and others as the worst, the truth is that it left a great impact on the story and gave turns that many did not really expect to see inside Of the plot. We just have to recap and take into account the most important points of this last episode of "Game of Thrones" to start making our theories of how this war will end.


1. The death of Lord Varys.

The death of Lord Varys.

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In this episode we see how Lord Varys is writing some letters about the true heir to the throne, Jon Snow (Aegon Targaryen), however, we do not know to whom he sent them. What we do know is that Tyrion was willing to tell Dany that Varys had betrayed her, although she already knew, telling him that in reality, although indirectly, Jon had been the one who had betrayed her because he was the one who "watered the gossip", because he told Sansa, Sansa told Tyrion and Tyrion Varys. However, it was Varys who ended up dead after a "dracarys" of the Targaryen.

2. The ultimatum for Tyrion.

The ultimatum for Tyrion.

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Daenerys gives the order to Gray Worm that he and the Immaculate ones attack King's Landing, and Tyrion insists to him that if the bells sound, she will stop the attack to avoid that they pay innocents. But in addition to his attack orders, he also warns Tyrion that the next time he fails he will be the last, since he captured Jaime before arriving at King's Landing, so he blames him saying that Jaime has never really stopped supporting Cersei.

3. The release of Jaime.

The release of Jaime.

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Tyrion visits Jaime in his prison, with the solid intention of freeing him to look for Cersei and convince her to surrender and thus prevent Daenerys from attacking all King's Landing, but besides that, they have a very emotional scene where they hug and Tyrion he tells Jaime that he thanks him because as a child he was the only one who did not see him as a monster.

4. Sandor and Arya arrive at King's Landing.

Sandor and Arya arrive at King's Landing.

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Both arrive at the capital with the mere intention to collect revenge, Arya to kill Cersei and Clegane to kill his brother, "The Mountain". Although the doors of King's Landing are closed so that nobody leaves or enters, Arya and Sandor manage to sneak up to the castle, although when arriving at the zone of the map, Sandor convinces to Arya to return and to escape.

5. The revenge of Drogon.

The revenge of Drogon.

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Daenerys told Gray Worm to start attacking after his signal, and that he will know what it is. And yes, the signal is a Daenerys mounted on Drogon, setting fire to Euron Greyjoy's entire fleet of ships, something none of them saw coming, so all its great crossbows end up in flames and all the ships alike.

6. Let the bells ring.

Let the bells ring.
Jon Snow enters King's Landing accompanied by Ser Davos and Gray Worm, and just when they run into the golden company, they surrender and the bells start to sound like a sign of surrender, however, something is triggered to Daenerys and instead After stopping the attack, he starts firing fire left and right, so the golden company decides to take up their weapons and fight, while we see Jon Snow very confused by Dany's actions.

7. Euron vs. Jaime.

Euron vs. Jaime.

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Jaime tries to enter King's Landing but they close the door in his face, however, he manages to enter from behind and ends up running into Euron Greyjoy; they are made of words, of blows and end up stabbing each other. Although it seemed that Euron was going to end Jaime's life at that moment, the Lannister manages to gather his last strength to stab him in the stomach and go in search of Cersei.

8. Clegane Bowl.

Clegane Bowl.

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At last Sandor runs into his brother, "The Mountain", when he comes escorting Cersei with a couple of other guards and Qyburn, but when the confrontation is about to begin, Qyburn orders "The Mountain" to protect his queen, to which he responds by crashing into a wall and killing him. Cersei escapes and the two brothers begin a fight that shows the face of "The Mountain" now as "living dead", but despite his efforts, Sandor does not manage to kill his brother until he decides to throw himself with him into the void and between the flames.

9. The reunion of Jaime and Cersei.

The reunion of Jaime and Cersei.

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After his fight with Euron, Jaime manages to reach Cersei, badly hurt but he arrives and they have a very emotional reunion where he assures her that he will get her out of there. Cersei breaks completely and begs Jaime to take her out of there because he does not want to die and wants his baby to live, however, suddenly the roof collapses on them, as Daenerys is still outside burning the whole city.

10. Fire Valyrio.

Fire Valyrio.

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While Drogon and Daenerys were burning everything, we could see how there were several flames of valyrio fire, something that Jon Snow and Ser Davos also noticed and that made Jon react to withdraw all his soldiers from the city.

11. Arya escapes.

Arya escapes.

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After leaving Sandor, Arya is enveloped in the chaos, landslides and fires; she is saved by a mother and a daughter whom she helps later, but when Drogon throws a great flare, the woman and her daughter are burned, but Arya manages to survive and after all the chaos, when it has already turned all ashes, finds a horse that uses to leave the scene.

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