The most important thing happened during the fourth episode of "Game of Thrones"

Although we believed that the Battle of Winterfell would be the most epic episode, the most recent episode had more drama and suffering than we expected.
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"Game of Thrones" has given us a couple of cardiac chapters in the last weeks, during this, its last season, and it seems that there are still many intense emotions to be seen in the confrontation between Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister , but the fourth episode cemented the bases in a very tense and dramatic way that perhaps nobody expected.

After the third episode where we witnessed the Battle of Winterfell against white walkers and how we lost Ser Jorah, Lyanna Mormont, Theon Greyjoy and Berinc Dondarrion, as well as many Dothraki and Immaculate women who became white walkers and then finally died when Arya killed the King of the Night.

This chapter painted to be a balm, something calm after all the chaos in the Battle of Winterfell , but in fact it was a chapter full of revelations , conspiracies , drama and a lot of tension between Daenerys and Cersei , who finally faced each other in a very dramatic and tense moment .

We can guess that the next chapter will finally give us that long- awaited battle between both queens and we will surely see more of our favorite characters die, just as we did in this episode where we thought we would not lose anyone but the deaths took us by surprise , as usual in "Game of Thrones" .

1. Tribute to the fallen.

Tribute to the fallen.
We begin the chapter with an emotional farewell to the fallen during the battle against white walkers; an emotional farewell from Daenerys to Ser Jorah, and then a ceremony where Jon gave a very moving speech before setting fire to the bodies of all the fallen.

2. Lord Gendry.

Lord Gendry.

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In the middle of the celebration banquet, Daenerys decides to name Lord to Gendry, and give him the place he deserves, much more than a simple bastard and officially give him the name of Lord Gendry Baratheon.

3. Gendry is declared to Arya.

Gendry is declared to Arya.

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Once appointed Lord Gendry, he goes in search of Arya and besides declaring his love, he asks her to be his Lady, however, she rejects him saying that "she has never been a lady and that she never will be because she is not who she really is. "

4. Daenerys is starting to get annoyed by Jon.

Daenerys is starting to get annoyed by Jon.

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After Tormound is flattered, in his own way, for Jon about how he fought in battle on a dragon, Daenerys feels a little uncomfortable with the respect and admiration that inspires much of the town of Winterfell, something that she has not shown much in that place, so she gets up and leaves the celebration banquet. Then he manages to talk to Jon about his origin and he tells him to tell Arya and Sansa, although she is completely against him, he tells her that he should only let them know the truth but that he will renounce the throne and that for him, Daenerys is his only queen.