Reasons why the public no longer loves "The Simpsons" so much

"The Simpsons" became the most famous family in the world, but halfway down the road they lost the charm that brought them to the pinnacle of success.
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"The Simpsons" is an American animated comedy series created by Matt Groening for Fox Broadcasting Company and broadcast in several countries around the world. The series is a satire of American society that narrates the life and daily life of a middle class family; Homer , Marge , Bart , Lisa and Maggie Simpson , who reside in the fictional town of Springfield .

These characters were conceived by Groening and shortly after they debuted in a series of animated shorts produced by James L. Brooks. They started as part of "The Tracey Ullman Show" in 1987 and then got their own solo show for Fox , where during 1992 and 1993 they were on the list of the 30 most watched shows of the season.

To date, "The Simpsons" has 30 seasons on the air and continue, however, over the years, viewers have noticed that this famous animated family has been losing its charm and have declared that the last seasons are more forced They have lost their essence and they are not as funny as before.

Little by little "The Simpsons" have lost the interest of their audience in the newest seasons and the most recent episodes , something that has undoubtedly affected the show that nevertheless continues to air.

1. Season 13.

Season 13.

Crédito: T13.

In its first 13 seasons, "The Simpsons" had an audience of up to 22 million viewers, however, in season 14 the rating fell because the public no longer liked the new episodes so much.

2. Loan Life

Loan Life
Everything indicates that one of the first episodes that disconcerted the public and caused the rating to begin to fall was "Life Loaded", where it is discovered that Simur Skinner is actually an imposter who stole the identity of a teacher to have a new life . This chapter generated great controversy because it seemed "out of the sleeve".

3. Extremist Flanders.

Extremist Flanders.

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This was a key character that had the "religious" side of the series and with which they took some religious themes to satire, but as the seasons progressed, it was given an extreme tone, exaggerated and even crazy that many people He did not like it anymore.

4. The nonsense of Homer.

The nonsense of Homer.

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Homer has always made many bad decisions that at the end of the chapter make sense for a moral, however, in recent seasons seems to use Homer to fill certain chapters with nonsense that has no logic or sense, even for the character of Homer .