Reasons why Nathan Kress of "iCarly" has not returned to television

Nathan Kress reached great popularity when he played Freddie Benson in "iCarly", but when he finished, the actor has not returned to do important projects.
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"ICarly" was a successful Nickelodeon series that aired from 2007 to 2012, and during its 6 seasons it managed to become a classic of the channel. Their main cast, Miranda Cosgrove (Carly), Jennette MCcurdy (Sam), Nathan Kress (Freddie) and Jerry Trainor (Spencer), were very popular while the project was on the air, and they even became very influential teenage idols.

However, at the end of the series, few were the actors of " iCarly " who managed to continue with a prolific and successful career in the middle, because despite having also done other projects unrelated to " iCarly " for Nickelodeon and other producers, they managed to maintain the same rhythm, nor the same recognition that they had won with the youth series .

Nathan Kress, who played Freddie Benson , was one of the less fortunate in terms of subsequent projects, because despite doing other series and movies , has failed to replicate the success he had with " iCarly ", in addition to decided to focus more In his personal life, he got married and now he is the father of a baby.

Much is said of what could actually have happened with the young actor and why we have not seen in new film or television projects , however, the reasons are not as outrageous as we would believe, only that the actor had another vision for your future after " iCarly ".

1. It was not his calling.

It was not his calling.
The performance was not something that Nathan sought by his own vocation, on the contrary, it was his mother who made incursions into movies and series, beginning as a voice actor in the 1998 film "Babe" for a secondary character.

2. He married very young.

He married very young.

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It was only 4 months of courtship and the actor married London Elise Moore in 2015, so his career was cut short for a while, since he wanted to focus only on his new family.

3. Star of a single success.

Star of a single success.

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Freddie Benson has been his only outstanding role, because "iCarly" has been the only project where he has had great success, despite having worked on more films and series.

4. Enough money to retire.

Enough money to retire.

Crédito: Teen Idols 4 You.

Thanks to his salary and royalties for his participation in "iCarly", the actor amassed a fortune of more than 20 million dollars, so he had enough money to retire after not finding a new opportunity in film or television.