It's time for a trivia only for experts from the universe of "Stranger Things"

"Stranger Things 3" came, and according to the figures, almost 10 million have already finished the season, which means you're ready for this trivia.
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"Stranger Things" managed to position itself as one of Netflix's most popular and most successful original series since its first season, boosting the career of its young actors and creating a story that would have a great impact on the new way of creating series through streaming online.

Now, "Stranger Things" is already a series that has marked an era and has hooked people of different generations, making their characters also become the most loved and liked of the newest productions .

Recently the series premiered its third season and has managed to break records on the Netflix platform, being seen by more than 40 million people in its premiere weekend, while 18.2 million of those users, have already finished watching the season complete These figures make it one of Netflix's most viewed and most successful series .

So it is impossible that you have not heard of this series or that you have seen it already, which we will try with the following quiz about the series , its characters and its most impressive moments. Do you think you can correctly solve this quiz on the "Stranger Things" series ?