Details that you probably missed from "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

"Bandersnatch" has revolutionized the way we watch movies on Netflix, since it is one of the first interactive films on the platform.
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"Black Mirror" is a series of Netflix of British origin that explores throughout its chapters with independent stories the dark side of the technological era in which we live; the paranoia of being watched like in a panoptic the terrorist uses of the new tools and their relation with the daily experience.

Throughout its four seasons with 19 episodes in total, "Black Mirror" has managed to place itself as a favorite for the innovative, modern and cinematic quality of each of its episodes, in addition to having an almost gloomy tinge in each of its episodes. his stories.

A new film derived from the "Black Mirror" project , called "Bandersnatch" , recently arrived at Netflix , which also serves as the first interactive film on the platform, which has created a lot of stir for the way it looks and involves the viewer inside. Of the plot.

And if you already got into the adventure of "Bandersnatch" , there are some details and secrets about the production of this project of "Black Mirror" that you must know to finish getting completely involved in this new way of viewing content that is introducing Netflix in your platform. With "Bandersnatch", Black Mirror is changing schemes; We still need to see what awaits us in its fifth season .

1. Saint Juniper's.

Saint Juniper's.

Crédito: Cultura Ocio.

The hospital where Stefan's psychiatrist works is called Saint Juniper's, which is also the same as the episode "Black Museum".

2. Metal Head.

Metal Head.

Crédito: Cultura Ocio.

The "dogs" of the episode "Metal Head" make an appearance as characters in a new video game called Metl Hedd.

3. Dr. Haynes.

Dr. Haynes.

Crédito: Pop Sugar.

Stefan's doctor, R. Haynes, shares last name with Rolo Haynes, the owner of the museum in "Black Museum".

4. Tuckersoft.


Crédito: Indie Wire.

The name of the video game company, "Tuckersoft", appears in different episodes of "Black Mirror"; in "Playtest", "San Junípero" and others.