Details and curiosities about the new, and controversial, Netflix series "You"

"You" has caught the public by its mysterious plot, "romantic" and by its protagonist who is as attractive as obsessive.
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"You" is a series of American television based on the homonymous novel of Caroline Kepnes that premiered initially in Lifetime . However, when it was announced that it would be renewed for a second season, it was also announced that it would be transferred to Netflix as an original production of the platform and to continue there with its second season.

"You" follows Joe , a manager at a bookstore who falls in love with a client named Beck and quickly becomes obsessed with it.

The series has caused tremendous chaos and controversy because many fans praise the character of Penn Badgley , "Joe" and even romanticize , however, even the same actor has asked not to caramelize the story as something romantic , since the series is precisely about obsession and a crush that is not healthy at all and does not even come close to a good relationship. Besides that his character is more mentally ill than a prince charming.

So in addition to giving a lot of talk for people who want a partner like Joe's character, and the somewhat strong theme of the series about harassment and obsession, here we bring you some very interesting facts and details about this series that ultimately you should not miss.

1. The nature of Joe.

The nature of Joe.
Penn Badgley, who plays Joe, has been horrified by fans who have romanticized his character and has not tired of reminding them in social networks that the character is a stalker and murderer.

2. Show delayed.

Show delayed.

Crédito: T13.

It is assumed that the series would have been launched in 2015 through the Showtime chain.

3. Literary adaptation.

Literary adaptation.

Crédito: Goodreads.

The series is based on the novels of Caroline Kepnes, "You" and "Hidden Bodies".

4. Paco


Crédito: Cultura Colectiva.

In the book the character of Paco does not exist, it was adapted exclusively for the series.