Curious facts about the new Netflix series, "The Umbrella Acaddemy"

"The Umbrella Academy" has captivated by its plot, as well as exciting adventures and very peculiar characters that make the difference.
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"The Umbrella Academy" is an American superhero television series released in 2019 and developed by Steve Blackman exclusively for Netflix . It is a homonymous adaptation written by Gerard Way , known for being the vocalist of the band My Chemical Romance , and published by Dark Horse Comics since 2007. His first season, which adapts the limited series "Apocalypse Suite" and "Dallas" , premiered in February 2019.

The series has given much to talk about, mainly because it takes the genre of superheroes in a different way, and although they also try to save the world, they are like a rare mix between a Tim Burton movie and the already classic Marvel movies.

The series, which has been mostly praised by genre experts and Gerard Way fans who expected it to be released long ago, has had a medium success on the Netflix platform, becoming perhaps a series of top superheroes of the streming service catalog, unlike other original productions such as "Jessica Jones" or "Iron Fist" , which by the way, were recently canceled.

Here we share some curious facts of the series that will encourage you to give it a try and marathon all its first season .

1. Comics


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To date there are 3 volumes of the story: "Apocalypse Suite", "Dallas" and "Hotel Oblivion".

2. Gerard Way.

Gerard Way.

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One of the creators of the comic is Gerard Way, the also singer of My Chemical Romance. He was also editor of DC Comics and used "Doom patrol" and "Hellboy" as inspiration for his comic.

3. Small cameo

Small cameo

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Although Gerard refused to appear in the series, his name appeared on the back cover of Vanya's book.

4. Netflix movie.

Netflix movie.

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Originally Universal Studios had acquired the rights to make a comic book movie in 2010, but that was left until Netflix gave it the chance to be a series.