Curiosities that you have to know about the young actor Finn Wolfhard

Finn has become one of the favorite young actors, thanks to his talent and the iconic characters he has played in recent years.
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With the success of “Stranger Things” in its debut season, there was also a great boost and popularity for the career of its young actors , and especially for Finn Wolfhard , who also participated during that same period, in the film's rehash “ It ” , which catapulted him to the top of fame as one of the most liked children's actors .

We have seen his evolution season after season in "Stranger Things" , but there are also some other details about his private life and career , which are not as well known as his character Mike in the Netflix series .

1. Origins.


Crédito: Dazed.

He was born on December 23, 2002 in Vancouver, Canada, and comes from a family with French, German and Jewish ancestry.

2. Featured papers

Featured papers

Crédito: D Magazine.

He is mostly known for his roles as Mike Wheeler in "Stranger Things" and Richie Tozier in the adaptation of Stephen King's novel, "It", in 2017.

3. Debut.


Crédito: The Netline.

He got his first job as an actor on a Craigslist ad, and debuted on television as Zoran, in the series "The 100."

4. Audition for "Stranger Things".

Audition for "Stranger Things".

Crédito: T13.

He auditioned for the role of Mike Wheeler from his bed in a video because he was sick.