Can you identify the slogans and shields of the "Game of Thrones" houses?

Only a true fan of "Game of Thrones" has paid special attention to the houses, their corresponding shields and slogans, do you think you can guess them all?
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The Seven Kingdoms , is actually a misnomer for Westeros , because in reality there are nine realms within the map of this fictional world: the North , the Valley , the Crownlands , the Stormlands , Dorne , the Reach , the Westerlands , the Riverlands and the Iron Islands . And not to complicate your existence very much, if you are a fan of the series but not of the books, in all the kingdoms of Westeros , and a little further on, there are "houses", those that have been mentioned throughout the series and which are basically large families that carry their last name as a standard.

Each of the houses within "Game of Thrones" has its shield and a motto for which they are known in all kingdoms. Of course, in the series we can know and notice the shields and slogans of the most relevant houses, such as the house Baratheon , Stark , Targaryen or Greyjoy , but also mention other houses and slogans that may have gone unnoticed.

In this quiz we are going to test your memory and how much attention you put on the series , and even if you have done a bit of research on your own to know more about the houses of "Game of Thrones" .