Tom Cruise action scenes that put his life at risk

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Thomas Cruise Mapother IV , better known as Tom Cruise , is an American actor who has starred in iconic Hollywood movies such as "Rosky Buisiness," "Top Gun," "War of the Worlds," "Days of Thurner," "The Last Samurai ”,“ Jack Reacher ”and the “ Mission Impossible ” saga, among others.

He has received three Oscar nominations in the best actor category; for "Born on July 4," "Jerry Maguire" and for "Magnolia."

He has been married to beautiful middle actresses such as Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, in addition to having a sound romance with Penelope Cruz a few years ago, something that gave much to talk about, as well as his affiliation and propaganda to the church of Scientology, to which Cruise attributes having sought a better spiritual awareness and other benefits, such as his cure for dyslexia.

But something that Scientology has not been able to save is suffering serious accidents while filming a movie , and the actor has always tried to shoot his own action scenes, without any double. And since Tom Cruise does, for the most part, action movies, he has repeatedly put himself in danger of death , although fortunately so far he has only dated some "minor" injuries .