The quiz that all Guillermo del Toro fans have to do

The Mexican filmmaker originally from Guadalajara, has put the name of our country high with all his brilliant creations and his great talent.
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Guillermo del Toro has managed to stand out even more on the international scene thanks to his most recent works as "The Shape of Water" , his exhibition "At Home With My Monsters" and his participation as producer and writer of the film "Stories of Fear For Count in the Dark ” , and of course, he was recently awarded his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, recognizing his entire career as a film director.

Although the filmmaker does not have a long list of films , he has the right and necessary to give us an idea of his style, of the love of art he has for cinema and of the passion with which he works in each of his projects , it is for This is why many continue their work and their creations have thousands of fans around the world.

We will make a count of the highlights in the career of the Mexican filmmaker with this quiz trivia that only his most fervent fans can solve without effort.