Movies that won an Oscar for best costume design

These films stood out for having become Oscar winners thanks to their spectacular costume design.
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The Oscar awards have different categories where all the films want to be nominated, and although most of the attention of this awards ceremony is focused on the best actors, best directors and best films, there are other categories within the ceremony that are also remarkable and worthy of recognition.

A film is made of many elements, more than a director, a cast of actors and a script, there are other important elements that can make a film something shocking or something that goes unnoticed; one of them is the wardrobe . Even if you do not think I have a lot of jokes, it's actually a very important part of a film production , because it gives the setting of time, personality to a character, the feeling that the whole atmosphere of the film wants to transmit.

In recent times there have been films that have stood out for their costume design , and have earned the well-deserved Oscar in this category .

1. Black Panther.

Black Panther.
In 2018, the Marvel movie took the Oscar, thanks to the costume design made by Ruth E. Carter.

2. The Phantom Thread

The Phantom Thread

Crédito: Garage Magazine.

In 2017, the prize for best costume design went to Mark Bridges, who studied designers like Peter Russel, Hardy Amies and Michael Donellan for their work.

3. Fantastic animals and where to find them.

Fantastic animals and where to find them.

Crédito: Fashionista.

The prequel to "Harry Potter" was awarded the prize for best production design thanks to Collen Atwood, who adopted to perfection the outfits to the decade of the 20's.

4. The Grand Hotel Budapest.

The Grand Hotel Budapest.

Crédito: New York Post.

Milena Canonero took the award for best costumes for her work in this film in 2014.