Incredible details about "Toy Story" that you probably had not noticed

"Toy Story" is already a tetralogy, and throughout these more than 20 years, some fans have found fascinating details in each of the films.
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"Toy Story" is a children's computer animation film directed by John Lasseter , released in 1995 and produced by Pixar . It was Pixar's first feature film , as well as being the first animated film completely made with digital effects in the history of cinema.

In the main cast is Tom Hanks and Tim Allen , who lent their voice to the main characters, Woody and Buzz Lightyear respectively.

The story follows the adventures of a group of toys that come to life when their owner does not see them; Meanwhile, Woody does not feel so happy when Buzz arrives at Andy's toy collection, because they begin a rivalry that throughout the film, ends up becoming a great friendship.

Thanks to the success of this first film, "Toy Story" managed to launch a sequel in 1999 , and a third , which was believed to be the end of the franchise , in 2010 . However, soon after it was announced that there would be a new delivery, where Andy's toys , already in the hands of Bony , would live new adventures and be reunited with old friends, in addition to including many new characters.

But before seeing the new movie "Toy Story" , it is necessary that you know some curious facts of the three past movies.

1. Andy's bookseller.

Andy's bookseller.

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In the first film, the books that Andy has on a shelf are titles of other Pixar short films.

2. They are all Andy.

They are all Andy.

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All of Andy's friends who go to his birthday party in the first movie, look exactly like Andy.

3. Alien.


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The game "Wach a Alien" by Pizza Planeta, is a reference to the films of "Alien".

4. Equal carpets.

Equal carpets.

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The carpet of the house of Sid in the first film, is equal to the carpet of the hotel of the film "The Shining".