Fun facts about Tom Holland and his interpretation as Spider-Man

Tom Holland has gained great popularity as a result of his performance as Peter Parker / Spider-Man, with which he debuted in "Captain America: Civil War".
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The most recent release of "Avengers: Endgame" , left many thinking that it would be the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe , however, there are still many issues to be solved with certain characters and new characters that will come to star in a new phase of Marvel in the big screen.

One of the characters that returns is Spider-Man , who has gained much more popularity as a result of having joined the UCM , this time under the interpretation of the British actor Tom Holland , who made his first appearance as Spider-Man in the movie "Captain America: Civil War ", from there, his interpretation in this new version of the character captivated many fans, who later delighted with his first solo movie linked to the rest of the UCM , " Spider-Man: Homecoming " .

In coming months will come to the cinemas "Spider-Man: Far From Home" where we can see a little of what happened after the triumph in "Endgame" and how the death of Tony Stark has affected Peter Parker .

While we wait we bring you this curious data about Tom Holland , how he was incorporated into the Marvel cinematographic world and what his interpretation of Peter Parker has been like in recent years, as well as other curiosities about his life.

1. Billy Elliot.

Billy Elliot.

Crédito: BETM.

Tom starred in the play "Billy Elliot" in London from 2008 to 2010, and it was thanks to his ballet skills that he managed to get the role of Spider-Man, thanks to which he manages to do various pirouettes.

2. The support of his dad.

The support of his dad.

Crédito: Evening Standard.

Because his dad is a comedian, at the beginning of Tom's career, he made many jokes about that dream he had of being an actor, however, now that he has achieved stardom, his dad is the one who supports him the most.

3. Your best friends

Crédito: YouTube.

Tom has three younger brothers, Paddy, Sam and Harry, and they are always accompanying him everywhere, even one of them, Harry, appears with him in this Cinépolis popcorn ad.

4. The secret in the mask.

The secret in the mask.

Crédito: GQ.

Tom revealed that while wearing the Spider-Man costume, he should drink with a straw through a hole that has one of the eyes in the character's mask.