Facts and trivia about the trilogy of Keanu Reeves, "John Wick"

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Keanu Reeves has excelled in the Hollywood film industry for playing roles that have become icons , and participating in movies that have been pioneers in the world of cinema, such as the trilogy of "The Matrix" .

But besides being the iconic Neo , he has also managed to stand out for being a very versatile actor that goes from romantic roles in comedies , through science fiction , action, to indie movies or independent films ; and one or another cameo in big and small movies .

But without a doubt, one of the roles that has managed to keep it current before the new generations is that of the murderer John Wick , who to date already has 3 films to his credit, and that has driven crazy fans of action movies and He has revived the faithful fans of Keanu Reeves , in addition to making him known to young people.

With incredible agility to make his own risky scenes at 54 years of age, Keanu Reeves plays a John Wick who could not do anyone else, and becomes a beloved character, despite the decisions and actions he takes throughout these three movies .