Details of movies that go unnoticed but are very interesting

The attention to detail that was put into these films is really incredible, and they are details worthy of admiration and not to overlook.
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Even the most terrible films have a production with a certain degree of difficulty, because to achieve a feature film , many elements and much preparation are required .

Now imagine the attention that is given to those films that have been nominated for important awards, or that have become the most prominent films of the time; of course, have many trifles well maintained, little details sometimes overlooked viewers, but they are there to be discovered and admired by real moviegoers.

Today we leave you a very interesting collection of those details in movies that sometimes go unnoticed and do not receive the appreciation they should, but that are really amazing and interesting .

1. Toy Story 4.

Toy Story 4.

Crédito: Tumblr.

The latest installment of the living toys franchise has been praised for its special attention to even the smallest details, such as the textures on the clothes and very realistic characteristics of each of the toys; from the seams on your clothes, to the shine of plastic or porcelain.

2. Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty.

Crédito: Fedez 8.

The scene where Aurora's dress changes color because fairies don't decide what color to choose, was actually based on the true discussion of the animators for putting on the blue or pink dress.

3. Back to the Future I and II.

Crédito: YouTube.

The final scene of "Back to the Future" is the same that opens "Back to the Future II", however, this scene had to be shot again because the actress who played Jennifer was replaced, even so, the whole sequence was so careful that it is almost the same, except for the actress.

4. Lilo & Stitch.

Lilo & Stitch.

Crédito: Pinterest.

In addition to the medals and awards for having been a champion in surfing before devoting full time to her younger sister Lilo, Nani also has a poster of Mulán on the wall of her room.