Mexican sweets that are very strange to the rest of the world

In Mexico we are characterized by having a strange taste with sweets, since we mix those flavors with spicy or acidic things.
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If there is something for which we distinguish Mexicans , in addition to our parties, our humor and our traditional food, they are our sweets . As strange as it may seem to us, we have normalized something that for the rest of the world is not as common as we see it.

And if it is possible to catalog something as a Mexican tradition , it would undoubtedly be the variety of delicious typical and not so typical sweets that for years we have enjoyed with our family and friends. And in addition to being very tasty these sweets , many of them may seem even a work of art, for their elaboration and color.

Cultural and culinary richness of the different regions of our country has resulted in a very colorful and full of exquisite examples basket that confirm that in Mexico, at lunch time, it is known apapachar.

We Mexicans tend to add chili in many things, listen to this phrase "our sweets are not always sweet" is something very real, very true, but that doesn't make much sense. Now, if you think I'm exaggerating, keep in mind your favorite sweets and you will surely reach someone that contains chili .

If you can't remember it, we have prepared a list of the most famous sweets in Mexico and that for other countries are really strange.

We love spicy ! Which of all is your favorite? You remember them?

1. Brinquitos


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This is a sweet powder but also with a touch of spicy and somewhat sour.

2. Miguelito Chamoy.

Miguelito Chamoy.

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A sweet liquid that combines the acid with the peaks of the chamoy.

3. Teaspoons


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Tamarind pulp in a plastic spoon.

4. Watermelon Popsicles

Watermelon Popsicles

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A sweet candy lollipop, covered with chilito.