Japanese dishes prepared so creative that you don't want to eat it

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Japanese chefs and designers are the undisputed masters of the most adorable food industry in the world, but their brilliant work has inspired chefs from around the world to create beautiful and adorable foods like these that are hard not to play with before eating .

We can all pretend that these are just good ways to get children to eat, but we all know that we would all be glad if we are presented with a lunchbox full of rice balls in the form of a panda or a rabbit- shaped cookie plate.

Japan , in addition to being world famous for its sushi , also has many other gastronomic options that in addition to delicious are simple to make, although these adorable dishes may take a little more dedication because the end result is worth calling a whole work of gastronomic art , they don't even want to eat it so as not to ruin it.