How to make a gravy sauce super rich and super easy

How to make a gravy sauce rich and easy to accompany your roasted meats, French fries, or mashed potatoes among a lot of dishes that you can accompany with this delicious sauce.
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The Superbowl is approaching and we all want to make a delicious meal or snack to enjoy with our family or friends while we watch the most important game of the NFL and what better accompaniment if we are going to make roasted meat, French fries or to put on our mashed potatoes. potato to accompany it and give it a better flavor. That's why today I bring you the recipe to make a delicious Gravy sauce. The Gravy sauce is originally from the United Kingdom but due to its cultural heritage of this country and its delicious flavor this was adopted in the United States where it is used a lot for purées, chops or grilled meats and can not miss in the dinner of the day of action thanks; its preparation is very simple and the ingredients are cheap following these simple steps you will obtain a spectacular sauce that will delight everyone.


* cooking broth (can be chicken or beef) 400ml

* Flour 40g

* 50g butter (try to make it cow's butter and not margarine to make your sauce much richer)



Preparation method:

1.-Put a pan to heat and put the butter to melt.

2.-Once the butter is discarded, add the flour and mix it to boil until it turns golden.

3.- without stopping to move we incorporate the broth and if lumps are formed, undo them with the spoon.

4.-Let our sauce boil until it has the desired consistency (thick but not too much, with a smooth texture.

5.- rectify the salt and season with a little pepper to taste.

6.- Ready! Your Gravy sauce is ready to serve and enjoy.

What did you think of the recipe? Time as it is very easy to do; encourage yourself to do it and you will see how your family will love it and besides everything is very cheap.

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