Rebuilding Paradise (2020)

Rebuilding Paradise. A ducumental type film, which will show what happened during the fires in California in 2018
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The movie Rebuilding Paradise is a 2020 American documentary; its director and producer is Ron Howard. This film follows the reconstruction of Paradise, California; after the devastating wildfires that occurred in California in 2018. This film was released worldwide at the Sundance Film Festival on January 24 of this year.

This documentary is scheduled to be released on July 31, 2020 by National Geographic Films . This movie was planned to be released in April 2020; however due to the current pandemic situation due to Covid-19 ; it was postponed to the end of July. Those who managed to enjoy this work have given their best opinions about the production and execution of the project.

Rebuilding Paradise will present the events of the fire in California 2018

Two years after the events in the city of California, United States; where a series of devastating fires occurred , the intention was to present this proposal that graphically documents what happened during these events. It should be remembered that the fires lasted for almost two months, and in which they left serious consequences for the inhabitants of the surrounding areas; in addition to the fauna and vegetation.

On that occasion, more than 7 thousand fires were counted; causing damage to the state of US $ 2,975 billion (USD 2018). Likewise, the sum of more than US $ 1,366 billion must be included in fire-fighting expenses and operations related to this incident. The increase in dead trees used as fuel is believed to be the main cause of these fires; that occur every year.

Howard in his film, tries to reflect what was lived during those almost two months; in which these fires were recorded. It is expected to have a good acceptance for viewers.

Title: Rebuilding Paradise 
Year: 2020
Director: Ron Howard
Cast: documental
Genre: documental
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